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At good keto, we aim to provide you with the most comprehensive information to make your keto journey smooth and enjoyable. However, there are some specialized tools and resources available on other sites that can provide additional support. Below is a curated list of external resources to help you stay on track with your keto lifestyle.

Carb & Macro Calculators

  • Macro Calculator: Easily achieve your keto diet success through personalizing your nutritional intake with Calculo's precise and user-friendly Keto Calculator.

  • MyFitnessPal Carb Calculator: An easy-to-use carb calculator to track your daily carb intake.

  • Carb Manager: A dedicated keto carb calculator and tracker to keep your macros in check.

Keto Forums and Communities

  • Reddit Keto Community: A bustling community of keto dieters sharing experiences, recipes, and advice.

  • KetoGains Forum: A forum dedicated to keto dieters looking to gain muscle and strength.

Keto Meal Planners

Keto Shopping Lists

  • Wholesome Yum: Get printable keto shopping lists to make your grocery trips easier.

  • I Breathe I'm Hungry: A variety of keto shopping lists for different occasions and needs.

Keto Diet Trackers

  • Cronometer: A detailed nutrition tracking tool to monitor your keto diet progress.

  • Senza: A keto-specific diet tracking app to monitor your macros and nutrition.

Keto Fitness Guides

  • KetoGains: Tailored fitness programs for individuals on a keto diet.

  • Perfect Keto: Fitness guides and workout plans for the keto community.

Keto Books and E-books

Keto Recipe Sites

  • A plethora of keto-friendly recipes to keep your meals exciting.

  • Wholesome Yum: Huge amount of keto and low-carb recipes.

  • KetoConnect: Discover new keto recipes and get connected with a community of keto enthusiasts.

  • Food Network: Keto recipes for every meal from breakfast to dinner and dessert.

  • Perfect Keto: Plenty of recipes for you to choose from on a low carb diet plan.

  • the kitchn: Over 50 keto recipes to help you stay within your plan.

  • A guide to different methods for preparing vegetables.

Keto Supplements

  • Perfect Keto: High-quality keto supplements to support your diet.

  • KetoChow: Meal replacement shakes and supplements for those on a ketogenic diet.


We hope these resources help you on your keto journey. For any inquiries or suggestions on additional resources, feel free to contact us.

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